Prayers and Readings

Christian prayers, reflections, Bible passages and psalms in British Sign Language (BSL). Presented by Deaf BSL users who are practising Christians. The presenting team includes professional translators and interpreters, church leaders, and tutors.

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – a prayer in British Sign Language

Join us in prayer during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic. A prayer led in British Sign Language, to support you in your praying, and to share with friends, family, and neighbours. During this time of anxiety, confusion, sadness, and challenge we have hope in Jesus Christ.

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A prayer, led in British Sign Language (BSL), for when you can’t attend a funeral

In the coming weeks and months there may be times when we can’t go to a funeral for a friend or family member. This prayer, led in British Sign Language (BSL), might help you in your prayers and reflection as you come to terms with their death, commend them to God’s safe keeping, and comfort others.

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