The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – a prayer in British Sign Language

Today we have a new prayer and reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic to share with your friends, families, and congregations. Join us in prayer during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic. A prayer led in British Sign Language, to support you in your praying, and to share with friends, family, and neighbours. On the 18th March 2020 we released our first prayer in BSL. A prayer about the COVID-19 pandemic. 12 weeks later and our lives and the world have been changed by the pandemic in ways we could not have imagined. During this time of anxiety, confusion, sadness, and challenge we have hope in Jesus Christ.

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TRANSCRIPT 16th June 2020:

The virus has caused great anxiety and sorrow. Many lives have been lost and people have become ill and died without their family being able to visit them.

We are relieved that the worse may be over, but there are still thousands being treated in hospital or isolated in their homes because of the virus.

We continue to pray for those who are being treated and for the loved ones and friends of those who have died.

We pray for all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff and volunteers helping people who are ill or are being tested for infection. They are still working long hours with the risk of becoming infected.

We pray for those who live and work in care homes and for their families. We know that staff and helpers are trying to offer comfort but many old people struggle to understand what is happening and why they do not have visits. We pray that the protective equipment needed will be available and that those who are elderly and fearful or confused will be reassured.

We are looking to our leaders to make the right decisions at the right time as to when and how restrictions on our lives can be lifted. We pray for them as they heed the best advice and act with wisdom and compassion.

We pray for those who have been confined to their homes with young children for many weeks. It is very difficult when the children cannot go to school, are unable to play outside and unable to meet with friends.

We pray for those who are no longer employed, for those who do not know if they will have jobs to return to and we pray for those struggling with less money.

We are encouraged by news of treatments and vaccines being developed. May those overseeing this work be guided to produce medicines that will heal many and prevent the further spread of the virus.

In our great need and concern we look to you, our God, to guide, direct and comfort us all while the impact of the virus continues to affect our lives and wellbeing.


TRANSCRIPT 18th March 2020:

The coronavirus disease is spreading very quickly.

Many people around the world have been infected, some have recovered but many are still very ill.

Some people have died and we know that the situation will get worse before it gets better.

We are saddened by the news of those already affected.

We pray for those who are being treated that they may recover and for those whose loved ones and friends have died.

We pray for all the doctors, nurses, and volunteers helping people who are ill.

They are working very long hours and are at greatest risk of becoming infected.

We need their vital medical support.

We are all anxious.

We are anxious for ourselves and for our families and friends.

We are anxious for those who are especially vulnerable.

We think of those whose health is already not good, and the increased concern the virus outbreak is causing them.

We think of those who live alone and are ill, unsure how they might get to the shops to buy food and other things they need.

We pray that people will remain calm, that we will find ways to support and encourage our friends and neighbours.

We pray for our local and national leaders that they will act with wisdom and clarity so together we can do what is best for everyone.

We also pray for those in countries where the care needed is not available, that across the world governments will work together to provide help.

Especially we pray for those working to find and produce medicines and vaccines to stop the further spread of the virus.

In our great need we look to those who are taking difficult decisions and especially we look to God to guide and direct them and us while the emergency continues.