A prayer for Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) in British Sign Language (BSL)

A prayer for Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) in British Sign Language (BSL)

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There have been many important people in our lives. Some are still alive; some have died; some we never knew and some we may have forgotten.

We think of those people: family members, friends, teachers, pastors and are thankful for all they have done to help us, teach us and support us

Today we think especially of mothers. Those who brought us into this world and have been there to care for us, to protect us and most of all to love us.

We also remember those mothers who were unable to care for their children. We do not judge them as we do not understand the reasons. But we remember those who while not themselves mothers, offered to foster or adopt children so they would know the love of parents, the love of a mother.

We will not all have had the same sorts of experiences of life within a family but for all those who have been kind and generous and loving as we grew up, we give thanks.

In days gone by Mothering Sunday was both about recalling the love of our mothers and recalling how the church also cares for us – like a mother.

So today we give thanks for the many ways our churches help us to grow in love and knowledge of Jesus