A prayer, led in British Sign Language (BSL), for when you can’t attend a funeral

In the coming weeks and months there may be times when we can’t go to a funeral for a friend or family member. This prayer, led in British Sign Language (BSL), might help you in your prayers and reflection as you come to terms with their death, commend them to God’s safe keeping, and comfort others.

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Father God, you gave us life.

As we think about the person who has died, we thank you for every precious memory we have of them.

We are very sad because we can no longer be with them.

We can’t talk to them, laugh with them, we can’t eat together.

But our faith comforts us and reminds us that death is not a barrier but a gateway into your glorious presence through which each of us, in our turn, pass.

We thank you God for your love for us, and that we can share that love with others.

You are the God of love and in taking this person to yourself we are confident that they will know even more deeply your great love just as we will too.

And so, in confidence, we commend this person to your loving care.

We also ask that while you comfort us, you will help us to comfort one another.

As we look to the future,may we follow their good examples as we continue to serve in our daily lives.