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We’re bringing Christian BSL to the
Apple App Store and the Google Play Store!

The Christian BSL Apple and Android apps are arriving in the app stores at the end of 2023. They’ll provide super-fast offline access to search Christian, church, theological, Biblical, and other faith-based vocabulary at a moment’s notice.

Use the apps to help your learning and practice, your studying and essay writing, your continued professional development, or preparation for your interpreting assignments.

The Christian BSL will be available for £4.99 (to help us cover the development and maintenance costs of the app).

The Christian BSL website remains free to use from your mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Though we’d LOVE for you to support us with a donation!

The Christian BSL Apple and Android Apps makes the Christian BSL vocabulary videos available to you offline – so when you have poor mobile service, or dreadful WiFi, or no internet connection at all, our vocabulary videos are available to you on your device no matter what!

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