A prayer for BSL, the Deaf Community, Deaf Culture, and Deaf Education.

We have provided this prayer, led in BSL with English captions, giving thanks for, and asking for God’s presence within, British Sign Language, the Deaf community, Deaf culture, and Deaf education.

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Lord, thank you for this beautiful sign language you have given to us.

We thank you for the Deaf community and for Deaf culture.

We thank you for all the times sign language has helped remove communication barriers.

We pray for those learning sign language, that you will encourage them in their learning.

We pray for those teaching sign language, that you will support them in their work.

We pray for those who interpret and translate, that you will help them in their processing.

We pray for those who work in Deaf education, and for Deaf children and students, and we pray that you give them insight and understanding as they teach, support, and learn.

We pray for greater recognition of British Sign Language throughout the UK.

We pray for those who feel alone, without people to communicate with in their own language, that they will know your presence and your love.