As Easter approaches: prayer led in British Sign Language (BSL)

A prayer led in British Sign Language (BSL), as Easter approaches.

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As Easter approaches, it can be a confusing time.

Easter is about new life but it is also about a death; an awful death.

The death came first and with it came pain and grief and despair.

When someone dies, we may lose hope. But Easter is about having hope.

Because of Easter we can look beyond death because we know Easter has opened the way to new life.

Even now, we can live the new life Jesus promised and it is a life that goes beyond death.

Yes, it is hard to understand so we need faith to believe and courage to live the new life we have been given.

So, we pray that as Easter approaches, we may be thankful to God that Jesus’ death and his resurrection has made possible our new life, both for now and for ever.