A prayer led in British Sign Language (BSL) at Pentecost

A prayer led in British Sign Language (BSL) with English captions, for Pentecost.

You can find Pentecost related terminology translated into BSL in our Pentecost category. You may also like to read about the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:4-7

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In my life I have learnt many things. From the moment I was born, I have been learning. I have had many teachers: parents, brothers and sisters, friends as well as school teachers. But to learn I had to be willing to learn. I had to be attentive, to concentrate, sometimes to learn from my mistakes. Now I know a lot of things but I cannot know everything. There are some things which need a special teacher – God’s Teacher, The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches me to understand God’s ways. But this teacher does much more. The Holy Spirit builds my faith when I am uncertain; guides me when I am unsure, gives me courage when I am anxious. So I pray that I will listen to the teaching of the Holy Spirit and I pray that I will be inspired and strengthened and helped by the Holy Spirit when I try to do what I have learnt. AMEN