Jesus / Christ / Jesus Christ

A British Sign Language (BSL) translation of Jesus / Christ / Jesus Christ. The second person of the Trinity; the Son of God. Jesus, Christ, and Jesus Christ are all signed as shown here, however lip pattern varies to match the words.

The name Jesus comes from the Hebrew-Aramaic word Yeshua, which means “Yahweh (the Lord) is salvation.” Christ is actually a title for Jesus, it comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “the Anointed One”. Yeshua was a common alternative form of the name Yehoshua (Joshua).

When Jesus is referred to in the context of advent and Christmas some people choose to fingerspell his name. However, the ‘nails in the hands’ sign is Jesus’ sign-name therefore can be used to refer to Jesus in all contexts; in prophecies about him, before and during the nativity story, throughout his life, and after his death.

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