Immaculate Conception

A British Sign Language (BSL) translation of Immaculate Conception. This is the belief, taught in some churches, that Mary was conceived without the stain of original sin. It is a common mistaken belief that the term Immaculate Conception refers to the Virgin Mary conceiving Jesus without having sexual intercourse. However, that is known as the Virgin Conception of Jesus, whereas Immaculate Conception is in fact referring to Mary herself having been born free from original sin.

In 2003, referring to Mary’s Immaculate Conception, Pope John Paul II said “Chosen in advance to be the Mother of the incarnate Word, Mary is at the same time the first-fruits of his redeeming action. The grace of Christ the Redeemer acted in her in anticipation, preserving her from original sin and from any contagion of guilt.

In 1904 Pope Pius X said “…to the Christian intelligence the idea is unthinkable that the flesh of Christ, holy, stainless, innocent, was formed in the womb of Mary of a flesh which had ever, if only for the briefest moment, contracted any stain.

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