Anointing / Anoint (with oil)

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A British Sign Language (BSL) translation of Anointing / Anoint (with oil). Oil was smeared on the heads of guests by hosts as a sign of welcome and by officials to inaugurate rulers, priests and prophets. In the Bible, people, animals and objects were consecrated, ie set apart for holy purposes, by being anointed with holy oil (‘chrism’), that is by having oil poured or smeared on them. Spiritually, the word anointing is used to mean God’s giving the Holy Spirit to Christians. Through the power (‘anointing’) of the Holy Spirit, Christians are able to accomplish the work God calls them to do. In the Christian church, anointing with oil is used at baptism, confirmation and ordination, as well as sometimes being used with prayers for healing. In these signs the oil is poured, but it was also smeared or rubbed on.

Biblical references include: Exodus 29:7 and Leviticus 21:10 and Psalm 23:5 and Luke 7:46 and Hebrews 1:9 and James 5:14

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