A translation of The Blessing, from Numbers 6:24-26, into British Sign Language (BSL)

A translation of Aaron’s ‘Blessing for the People’ (or ‘the priestly blessing’) from Numbers 6:24-26 translated into British Sign Language (BSL)

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We’ve included some brief translation notes below for those who are interested in our work.

The act of blessing is deeply rooted in the culture of the Israelites

The Lord bless you [In confidence we ask for God’s blessing upon the person]

and keep you; [God is our protector, our defender: to ‘keep’ is to defend and protect]

the Lord make his face shine on you [God watches over us, cares for us deeply]

and be gracious to you; [God showing his undeserved love]

the Lord turn his face toward you [in many English translations of the Bible this line is translated as “The Lord lift up His countenance upon you”, countenance means facial expression. This line asks God to look upon us as a delighted parent would look upon their child; with unconditional love.]

and give you peace. [God gives us a sense of deep calm and ultimate security]