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Please prayerfully consider making a donation towards our work.

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We know times are really tough at the moment, so please only consider donating if you can be sure it will not financially hurt you or your family.

We do not ask Deaf translators, interpreters, and presenters to volunteer. They are freelancers or work for/run their own companies and we pay them when they invoice us for their work.

We’re not government funded, we are not a charity, and we haven’t applied for a grant to help cover costs. We’re a small business and everything costs us money; commissioning translations, filming, and editing, keeping the servers running and secure, paying the license fees and subscriptions. And, of course, we have to keep the lights on, a roof over our heads, and food on the table just like anyone else running their own business.

Ethical note: The term ‘donation’ doesn’t mean we don’t pay tax on your kind generosity. We declare donations made through this website to HMRC as income for the business and we pay the appropriate taxes. We can’t and don’t claim gift aid on your donation.