British Sign Language (BSL) translations of Christmas carols and for words and phrases related to advent and Christmas. Our videos are presented by Deaf BSL users who are practising Christians. The presenting team includes professional translators and interpreters, church leaders, and tutors. You can download our videos of Christmas carols in British Sign Language (BSL) to include them in online and onsite carol services, Bible studies, school assemblies, nativity plays, church groups, workshops, and similar. Find out how.

The Christian BSL Carol Service 2021

The Christian BSL Carol Service 2021 is led in British Sign Language by Deaf Christians, with spoken English interpretation and captions.
The service was broadcast at 4:30pm Friday 24th December 2021, Christmas Eve, on Facebook and YouTube

Come and celebrate with carols, conversation, fun, and fellowship, as we unwrap Christmas together at the Christian BSL Carol Service 2021

The service was broadcast on YouTube:

and on Facebook:

More details can be found at:

Virgin Conception of Jesus

A British Sign Language (BSL) translation of Virgin Conception of Jesus. The conception of Jesus, in Mary’s womb, without sexual intercourse, leading to what’s known as the Virgin Birth of Jesus.

It is a common mistaken belief that the term Immaculate Conception refers to the Virgin Mary conceiving Jesus without having sexual intercourse. However, the term Immaculate Conception in fact refers to Mary herself having been born free from original sin.

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